Jewelry by Josana

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Rio Rancho, New Mexico USA

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JoAnn Collins-Sanchez, Owner
A warm welcome to you!
I started my business several years ago after a very peculiar encounter. . . . .
Several years ago, my husband and I went to Sedona AZ  on a retreat.  One day the classes were about the unconscious mind, which intrigued me because I had been studying the subject for quite some time. The instructor said that the only way we could change anything about ourselves in through the unconscious mind, where everything that we ever felt, saw, or heard since birth is stored.  But how?  After class we went window shopping.  A bracelet with crystals caught my eye, so I purchased it.  


That evening, while bathing, I closed my eyes and randomly selected a crystal. The crystal was red so I decided to meditate on love of self and love of others.  I was able to stay on subject for 15 minutes.  My mind took me past all the clutter and mixed up thoughts to a place of peace deep within my mind. It was exhilarating.  I slept after having problems sleeping and woke up feeling rested.  Change definitely occurred and the change is still with me 14 years later.   


After we got home, I made a meditation bracelet. The results have been phenomenal.  People going through the death of a loved one, divorce, depression, anxiety, anger and stress have used the bracelet with amazing results. 


I enjoyed working with beads so much that I experimented on making jewelry, took some classes AND Jewelry by Josana was born.  


For more information on the JAS Meditation Bracelet, click here  >>>>  







We make casual and special occasion jewelry for both men & women.  Along with badge and eyeglass necklace Holders, Wristband keychains and the JAS Meditation Bracelet.  Our primary goals are to make jewelry that is durable and secondly, make jewelry that is easy to care for.


We use Swarovski and Austrian crystals.  Crystal is known for inspiring liveliness and happiness. Women around the world are beginning to wear crystal jewelry to their workplace because it uplifts and energizes  those around them, which results in a more pleasant work environment.  It is not necessary to wear diamond jewelry to appear elegant.  Swarovski crystals are just as stunning as diamonds,  yet cost a fraction of the price.  Swarovski crystals are considered the best in the world.


  Quality 49 strand beading wire for durability and a perfect drape.  

  • Jewelry is double crimped for durability.

  • Headpins are surgical stainless steel  because they don't tarnish.

  • Metal parts are treated to beautify and protect from wear, tarnish and prevents allergic reactions

  • Pearls are pearlized, which are coated with pearl in lieu of paint.

  • We custom make jewelry.  If there is a piece in our store that you wish to alter, contact us, or you have a design you'd like us to make, please email a photo to: jewelrybyjosana@gmail.com.   We do not charge extra for custom designs.

Aluminum - We use aluminum for many jewelry components and also chains.  In the mid-1800s aluminum was more valuable than gold.  Only wealthy women could afford to wear jewelry crafted with aluminum.  Then Gold and silver came into play. soon the high cost and care of silver and gold was realized.  Aluminum jewelry again became popular because of the cost and beauty.  

  • Aluminum is super light and hypoallergenic.

  • It doesn’t rust or tarnish.  

  • It’s easy to clean with soap and water.  

  • Available in many pretty colors and sizes.  

  • The silver aluminum chain looks like Sterling Silver and the gold like gold and just as beautiful.


Sterling Silver -   Ear wires, chains, or requested by customer.


Seed and Bugle Beads -Miyuki Seed beads are a world standard amongst artists because of their consistent shape and size, and beautiful array of colors and finishes.  Miyuki has seed and bugle

beads that are 24K Gold.