What is the process to order custom jewelry?

There are two ways to order custom jewelry 1. Select a product from my store and let me know what changes you would like made. ForExample: Color, Size, Style. 2. If you have a photo of jewelry you would like made, email me a photo with color, size, etc. (my website is not yet setup to accept photos, so we have to use email, which is connected to my site). I don't charge extra for custom orders.

I have bought jewelry and the pins or jump rings get rusty or turn black and unable to clean them.  Will that happen with your jewelry?

In the past, I learned never to purchase jewelry that had small metal pieces which were impossible to clean. ♥ I use surgical stainless steel and aluminum on pins, ear wires, etc. Surgical Stainless Steel and aluminum do not rust, fade, or turn black or green. (Please refer to the "About Jewelry" page to learn more about how I make my jewelry. ♥ I also use Miyuki glass seed and bugle beads in 24k gold or Sterling Silver. Miyuki Seed beads are known for their consistent shape and size, and beautiful array of colors and finishes. They are considered a "world standard" for their high quality, brilliance, and uniform shape. NOTE: By using a variety of shapes of Sterling Silver Miyuki Seed and Bugle Beads, I can make them look like a chain. ♥ I offer a one year exchange warranty against workmanship, because I want your jewelry to be around for a very long time.

What kind of pearls do you use? I have bought pearl necklaces and in a short time the paint peels off.

Glass pearls are painted with paint and you must be careful with them or they will peel. I use pearl-coated pearls, which look amazingly beautiful and feel silky. The beads are coated with real pearl.