Wearing crystal jewelry emits positive energy and joy to those around you. 

Bridesmaids Dresses
Newly Weds
Wedding Hall

It is not necessary to wear diamond jewelry to appear elegant.

Swarovski crystals are just as stunning as diamonds.

Yet, cost a fraction of the price.

Swarovski crystals are considered the best in the world.



     Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We have been designing wedding jewelry for the past 14 years.

I make quality handmade jewelry for the entire wedding party, all according to your budget.  

     You can order jewelry for yourself (bride), Bridesmaids, and mothers.  I also have gifts for your wedding party.  All at a substantial discount.  The more you purchase the bigger the discount.  

Our website was reconstructed

we are adding new items daily 


Giving quality handmade jewelry to your bridal party

is a gift they will cherish,

and always remember your wedding.


The following are some options for you.


  Purchase the sets as they are 

♥  Alter any of the sets with your own ideas;

♥  OR send me a photo with your own design

TO:    jewelrybyjosana@gmail.com   



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